Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Will the new IPhone make all my other gadgets unnecessary?

The new IPhone 3G S (S for speed) has some interesting new features that might make you stop using all your other gadgets. First of all it has a new 3.2 mega pixel auto focus camera for taking pretty good still photos and with the same camera you can now record VGA sized videos. You then use the video editing software on the iPhone to make the movie perfect and after you are done you can upload the video with one click to YouTube. There already are some interesting applications for the iPhone that will automatically upload your photo's into your online album and I am sure they will all be upgraded to do the same with the videos you make with the iPhone. Or you can use Mobile Me to do all of this for you. In other words no need to bring your digital camera or your digital video camera anywhere, your iPhone will do all of this and with the additional software applications on the iPhone it is much easier to use then a "normal" digital camera, where you always had to struggle with taking the SD card out of the camera, putting it in your PC, copying the photos, and then uploading them. (and remembering to put the SD card back in your camera; too many times I left home with a fully charged digital camera that had no SD card in it ...) With the iPhone it is all one click or even fully automatic.

The new iPhone has a digital magnetic compass and GPS, so as soon as TomTom (and maybe others like Garmin, who already has a PC version of their map software) comes out with the windows suction cup for the iPhone and their map software you will be able to stick the iPhone in your car window and use it as a real talking GPS. Assuming it has all the same software features that TomTom usually puts into their products, the iPhone will make an awesome GPS unit. So there is another gadget (your GPS unit) you can leave at home.

The new iPhone also now has a built-in sound recording application for taking quick voice notes or for recording lectures at class. It comes with audio editing software and just like the videos one-click uploads or sync with your PC. In other words no more need for a voice recorder.

Of course you already stopped carrying your mp3 player when you got your iPhone. The new iPhone has up to 32 gigs of space so plenty of room to carry all your tunes and with the new voice control and the ability to stream music over a bluetooth connection you are all set to enjoy the music.

Even though the new iPhone is the same size as the previous version, it has much better battery life, which works well when you are using your iPhone to view movies on a boring plane ride. I used to get 7 hours of video watching out of my by now classic iPhone, the extra 3 hours that the new battery gives will come in quite handy: I hated getting to my destination with an empty battery in case I had to call home telling them I arrived safely. So yes you can also stop carrying your DVD player on flights. There are plenty of software packages that will shrink a DVD down to a 450 megabyte file that plays on the iPhone with no noticeable loss of quality. Or you can just buy the movies in the iTunes store.

After I set up the auto sync with my Google email, contacts and calendar, the iPhone became the best PDA I ever had. With the over the air synchronisation I never have to worry about whether I enter my contacts or appointments on my PC or on my iPhone or when I will get around to syncing it all. So yes I also stopped using my PDA.

Oh, did I forget to mention it is also a quad band phone?

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