Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AdMob Report: Apple Gains in Mobile Usage

AdMob Report: Apple Gains in Mobile Usage

It looks like the iPhone is not just another smart phone. iPhones (and the non phone version the iTouch) are responsible for 70% of the 3.8 billion ad views done in the USA by smart phones. Worldwide the iPhone does 31.4% of a total of 8 billion ad views. So isn't it about time to target ads to the iPhone specifically?

As the numbers seem to indicate the market is ripe for targeting web ads specifically to iPhones owners. Originally the average iPhone user was the early adopter type, but now that the iPhone is affordable with even a $99 version it will be hard to correctly target the ads to the individual. So what is needed is a new type of iPhone application that will collect users browser history, what kinds of apps are installed and which ones are used most frequently etc so that a better user profile can be established and the ads can be targeted more specifically. Privacy concerns aside it might even be an ap that once installed will give you a discount on your mobile phone plan. So who will build this?

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