Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sharedband Solution

What if your business depends on your Internet connection being available 24/7 without any downtime? What if you are using all of your available Internet bandwidth (capacity) and you want more but your provider can not offer you any more or their prices quadruple if you double your bandwidth?

Until now there wasn't much you can do but now SharedBand a UK start-up that just entered the US market has a solution for both of these problems. When you order their service they will ship you two (or more) standard routers (or you can download their software yourself into your Linksys, D-link or Netgear router). You then subscribe with two (or more) Internet Service Providers (ISP) and attach one router to the first ISP modem and the second router to the other ISP modem and then thanks to the SharedBand software the two routers will work as one; giving you twice the capacity (bandwidth) of using only one ISP and automatically redirecting all your Internet traffic to the working ISP modem in case one of them goes down.

You can even couple together different types of ISPs, for example: one of them can be a cable modem and the other one a DSL line, or combine a cable modem with a 3G data network router, the combinations are endless. $25 per month for two routers and $50 for four routers. (plus one time the price of the routers if you do not install your own software and of course your normal ISP fees).

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