Sunday, May 31, 2009

Below is my BIO for more details please visit my linked-in profile.

My expertise areas are in Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Cloud Storage, Virtualization for both the Enterprise data center and the desktop, Enterprise and Consumer Security, Enterprise and Consumer Backup and Enterprise and Consumer Storage technologies. I also have identified and continue to monitor the top ten technology trends that will have a serious impact on the software industry. I currently am or was on the technical advisory boards of SonaSoft, BlueGem, Qlayer, SocialText, Panta Systems, and Transitive.

For the last 10 years I worked at Symantec (before that VERITAS) where I was the senior director of the Technology Scouting Group in the office of the CTO . In this role I scouted out thousands of technology companies that were or should have been of interest to Symantec/VERITAS. Also in this role I identified and monitored those technology trends that will have an impact on the software industry. Before that, I spend more than 10 years working at AT&T Bell Labs in the Netherlands. I have over 20 software patents in my name in the areas of virtualization, system and network management, and storage technologies. I have both an MS in mathematics and an MBA in telecommunication.

I am also a "leader" consultant at the Gerson and Lehrman Group (GLG) where you can contact me in case you want to hire my consulting services on any of the topics discussed in my blog.

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